Best Tape Measure For Every Type Of Job

What is a Tape Measure?

A tape measure, also known as a measuring tape, is an essential tool to have when you’re doing anything around the house that requires measurements. It’s easy to use and built with high-quality materials so it will last you a long time while providing you with accurate results every time you use it! This guide will teach you what makes a good tape measure, how to read them correctly, and some handy tips and tricks for using them effectively!

Uses of tape measures

The most important purpose of a tape measure is to use it to measure objects. Measurements are made in feet or meters; make sure you know what units your tape measure is set to. It’s also possible to make fractions of an inch with high-quality measuring tapes that have locking mechanisms, but it’s easier and more precise to make exact measurements on paper. If you need more precision, use a ruler as well.

Types of Tape Measures

Tape measures, or measuring tapes, come in many different styles. The most common type of tape measure uses hook-and-eyelets to indicate measurements and comes in both rigid and flexible forms. Sometimes called carpet tape measures or flooring tape measures, these have stiffer blades for ease of use on hard floors. Flexible measuring tapes are generally used for length measurements such as wall hangings, rugs and curtains, furniture and drapery installation, stairways, and building materials – even apparel!

How do you read a tape measure?

You may not have realized it, but when you read a tape measure, you’re actually measuring three separate things. The first number on a tape measure is called the blade and measures how long the blade of your tape measure is. The second number (the hook) measures how long your hook (the metal clasp at one end of your tape measure) is. And finally, that thin little black line near your thumb indicates how many inches there are in a foot (12). Once you know those three measurements, you can easily figure out just about anything else. In our example above, if you want to know what 30 inches looks like in feet, simply divide 30 by 12 to get 2-1/2 ft; 60 divided by 12 equals 5 ft; etc.

What is CM on a tape measure?

A CM on a tape measure is short for centimeters and is used as a prefix before other units of measure, such as meters. In carpentry, a tape measure is used to find measurements in feet or meters when working with angles. A foot is divided into 12 inches and each inch into 16 parts called ticks. You can use a carpenter’s or builder’s rule to help you find measurements using a tape measure in inches instead of feet or meters.

What is a measuring tape in?

Unlike a ruler, a measuring tape is made up of flexible material and has two magnetic strips. Both are used for measuring purposes—and both can measure lengths in either centimeters or inches. All you have to do is change your unit of measurement by flipping over one of the ends on your tape measure to use it in any number of different situations.


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